Fire-resistant Glass Partition-Beauty And Safety Coexist

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Borosilicate float glass 4.0 can be used as the fire partition of commercial office buildings, with fire protection function and high permeability. Safety and beauty coexist.

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Glass is required to have excellent stability when used as a building firewall. The stability of glass is determined by the expansion coefficient. Compared with ordinary glass, borosilicate glass is less than half expanded under the same heat, so the thermal stress is less than half, so it is not easy to crack. Moreover, borosilicate glass also has high transmittance at high temperatures.This function is critical in case of fire and poor visibility. It can save lives when evacuating from buildings. High light transmittance and excellent color reproduction mean that you can still look beautiful and fashionable while ensuring safety.

The fire resistance stability of borosilicate float glass 4.0 is currently the best among all fireproof glass, and the stable fire resistance duration can reach 120 min (E120).The density of borosilicate float glass 4.0 is 10% less than that of ordinary glass. This means that it has a lighter weight. In some areas where the weight of building materials is required, borosilicate float glass 4.0 can also meet the needs of customers.

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• Fire protection duration exceeding 2 hours

• Excellent ability at thermal shack

• Higher softening point

• Without self-explosion

• Perfect in visual effect

Application scene

More and more countries require doors and windows in high-rise buildings to have fire protection functions to prevent people from being too late to evacuate in the event of a fire.

Actual measured parameters of triumph borosilicate glass (for reference).




Thickness Processing

The thickness of the glass ranges from 4.0mm to 12mm, and the maximum size can reach 4800mm×2440mm(The biggest size in the world).


Pre-cut formats, edge processing, tempering,drilling, coating, etc.

Our factory is equipped with internationally renowned equipment and can provide subsequent processing services such as cutting, edge grinding, and tempering.


Package and transport

Minimum order quantity: 2 tons, capacity: 50 tons/day, packing method: wooden case.


The use of borosilicate float glass 4.0 in fireproof partitions is beneficial for numerous reasons. Firstly, it is a heat-resistant material that can withstand temperatures of up to 450°C. This makes it an ideal material for fireproof partitions as it can resist fire and high temperatures, which can prevent deadly accidents. Additionally, its high strength and scratch-resistant properties ensure that it can withstand high impacts without shattering. This, in turn, prevents dangerous shards from being formed, reducing the risk of injuries.

Fireproof glass partitions made of borosilicate float glass 4.0 are also beneficial for their transparency and clarity. The material has very low distortion, which provides a clear and uninterrupted view. This allows for the maximum use of natural light and creates a spacious feel in the office. As a result, employees can work in an environment that is conducive to good health and productivity.

In conclusion, the use of borosilicate float glass 4.0 in fireproof glass partitions provides a safe, attractive, and environmentally friendly option for commercial spaces. With its enhanced safety features, high strength, and scratch-resistant properties, this material can ensure that employees are safe and productive in the workplace. Additionally, its transparency and clarity provide a spacious feel, while its eco-friendly nature makes it ideal for companies looking to reduce their environmental impact.

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