Qinhuangdao Scinan Specialty Glass Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Founded in 2009 with 65.47 million registered capital and 162 employees, Qinhuangdao Scinan Specialty Glass Co.,Ltd. formerly known as “Qinhuangdao Yaohua Special Glass Co., Ltd.”. The company’s leading products borosilicate flat glass, the annual production capacity of 16425 tons, the products to 3.3 borosilicate flat glass-based.

Qinhuangdao Scinan Specialty Glass Co.,Ltd. has researched and developed borosilicate glass products for about 20 years, and has a technical team with excellent professional knowledge and rich experience.

Located in Funing District, Qinhuangdao, the new park is expected to have an annual production capacity of 17,520 tons. It plans to produce 2.6 borosilicate and 3.3 borosilicate glass for household appliances, and 4.0 borosilicate fire-resistant glass. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 23 years.

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Our Product

Borosilicate float glass 3.3 is a special glass material with low expansion rate, high temperature resistance, high strength, high hardness, high light transmittance and high chemical stability. Because of its excellent performance, it is widely used in household appliances, environmental engineering, medical technology, safety protection and other fields,especially in the field of household appliances, borosilicate float glass 3.3 is widely used as the panel and inner tray of ovens and microwave ovens. In addition, because the hardness of borosilicate float glass 3.3 is 8-10 times that of ordinary glass, it is also used as bulletproof glass by many customers.


Our Service

We provide high-quality services throughout the process:

Before sales

We provide professional product introduction.

In sales

We provide high-quality products.

After sales

We have a perfect after-sales system.


Our Advantage

It is the first high-tech enterprise in China to produce borosilicate flat glass products by full electrofusion technology. At present, the domestic market share industry ranks first. The core technology of the production line is self-developed, the key equipment is the most advanced industrial products, the company set borosilicate flat glass production, processing, sales and service as one, sales network has been spread throughout the country and many countries and regions of the world.

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Our Certification

At present, the company has passed the SGS certification 、the ISO9001 management system certification and so on. The company has 21 national patents and obtained the certification of high-tech enterprises.

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