Fire-resistant Glass Door And Window-High Transmittance And Safety

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Borosilicate float glass 4.0 can be fire-resistant door and window. Borosilicate glass with high transmittance can meet the basic requirements as the glass door and window. In addition, borosilicate float glass 4.0 has a fire protection time of up to 2 hours, which can play a good role in fire protection.

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Today’s modern architecture and design trends have given rise to the need for sturdy and safe fire-resistant doors. The use of borosilicate float glass 4.0 has proved to be the perfect material for manufacturing these doors.
Borosilicate float glass 4.0 is the most innovative glass technology available on the market. It is engineered to meet the highest standards for strength, durability, and safety. Its unique properties make it ideal for manufacturing fireproof glass doors that are resistant to heat, impact, and breakage.The fire resistance stability of this glass is currently the best among all fireproof glass, and the stable fire resistance duration can reach 120 min (E120).

Borosilicate float glass4.0 is also highly transparent, ensuring excellent clarity and visibility. This feature makes it an ideal material for manufacturing glass doors, as the occupants of the building can see through them, enhancing safety in case an emergency arises. The material is also easy to clean and maintain, further improving safety levels by preventing dirt and grime buildup that could block the view through the door.

Lastly, borosilicate float glass 4.0 fireproof doors are a great way to enhance the aesthetics of a building. The glass material is sleek, modern, and elegant, and when combined with aluminium framing, it creates a visually stunning door. In addition to providing safety and security, borosilicate float glass 4.0 fireproof doors enhance a building’s interior design, making them an excellent choice for architects and designers seeking both functionality and style.

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• Fire protection duration exceeding 2 hours

• Excellent ability at thermal shack

• Higher softening point

• Without self-explosion

• Perfect in visual effect

Application scene

More and more countries require doors and windows in high-rise buildings to have fire protection functions to prevent people from being too late to evacuate in the event of a fire.

Actual measured parameters of triumph borosilicate glass (for reference).




Thickness Processing

The thickness of the glass ranges from 4.0mm to 12mm, and the maximum size can reach 4800mm×2440mm (The biggest size in the world).


Pre-cut formats, edge processing, tempering,drilling, coating, etc.

Our factory is equipped with internationally renowned equipment and can provide subsequent processing services such as cutting, edge grinding, and tempering.


Package and transport

Minimum order quantity: 2 tons, capacity: 50 tons/day, packing method: wooden case.

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