Set a World Record

FENGYANG TRIUMPH SILICON MATERIALS CO., LTD. has produced the largest borosilicate fire-proof glass in the world!

FENGYANG TRIUMPH SILICON MATERIALS CO., LTD., which accumulates power to develop high borosilicate glass, reported that 3660x4800mm borosilicate 4.0 fireproof glass was loaded and shipped off the line. This specification created a record of the largest size of fireproof glass processed by Triumph. At the same time, it also created a record of the largest panel borosilicate fireproof glass in the world.


It is understood that in the field of borosilicate fireproof glass, the largest panel produced by the international glass giant Schott is 3300x2100mm, while the specification that domestic enterprises can reach is 3660 * 2440mm. The 3660x4800mm borosilicate fireproof glass launched in Capvision this time broke the previous record, created the largest single piece area of borosilicate fireproof glass in the world, and demonstrated China's scientific and technological innovation ability in this field.

According to the introduction of the staff of Fengyang Kaisheng Silicon Materials Co., Ltd., the difficulty in the production of large plate borosilicate fireproof glass lies in the cost formula. Among them, the formula is difficult to melt, clarify, homogenize and volatilize boron, which will affect the quality of large size and large plate borosilicate fireproof glass. This breakthrough was not easy to make. What is invisible behind it is that Capvision Group has paid nearly 10 years of research. In addition to the record of creating panel specifications, the quality of this large panel borosilicate fire-proof glass can be basically consistent with the product quality of German Schott, which greatly shortens the gap between China and the international advanced level.Even reaching or exceeding the international advanced level in some fields.

Post time: Jan-06-2023